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July 1996 Corvette Fever Special Collector Edition 1971 LS6 1981 Corvette

Corvette Series:C4
GM Group Number:24.000
Surface Finish:Paper
Manufactured In:United States
Qty Available:1
$17.00 USD
+ $6 USD Shipping Continental US
July 1996 Corvette Fever Magazine


  1. From Grime to Sublime - How to detail your Corvette's engine bay like a pro
  2. Late Mod Weatherstrip Retrofit - Updating your Corvette's weatherstrips
  3. Hi-Po Exhaust Upgrade - Bolting on beauty and power with exhaust system


  1. Big-Block Rebel - For the power hungry, the '71 LS6 provided a performance feast
  2. Something Old Something New - Here's what happens when you combine the best of both worlds
  3. Red, Revived & Ready - This '69 small-block droptop was restored for the road
  4. Resurrecting an '86 - The rejuvenation of an abandoned '86 droptop
  5. Changing of the Guard - The 1981 Corvette linked the marque's past with its future
  6. Corvettes USA - A salute to plastic fantasies from across the land
  7. 1996 Bloomington Gold Official Program

Good Condition, normal wear from use, age and handling.

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