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Volume 1 Corvette American Legend by Noland Adams The Beginning 261 Pg Motorama

Corvette American Legend by Noland Adams Volume 1 "The Beginning"

Tracing the Corvette's roots
Designer Carl Renner
Le Sabre and XP-300 concept cars
Code name: 'Opel'
A body made of fiberglass
Next: The chassis
Enter Molded Fiber Glass
A GM dress rehearsal for Motorama
The Motorama shows
The Corvette becomes a reality
GM authorizes Chevy to build 300 Corvettes
Working seven days a week
Job 1 rolls off the line
Accelerating the production of fiberglass panels
A most unconventional production process
Chevrolet sells the new Corvette
The Corvette press party
1953 Corvette advertisements and promotional photos

261 pages

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Corvette Series:C1 1953-1962
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