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January 2018 Corvette Zora C1 Prototypes C7 Katech Z06 1967 Tri-Power

Corvette Series:C7 2014-Present
GM Group Number:24.000
Surface Finish:Paper
Manufactured In:United States
Qty Available:1
$17.00 USD
+ $6 USD Shipping Continental US

January 2018 Corvette Magazine

  • David Wahrhaftig 1967 Tri-Power 427 Corvette troika
  • Jason Harding 860 HP C7 Z06
  • C1 Zora and Ed Cole Corvette evolves into a true high performance car
  • Richard Larsen 1962 Honest Corvette
  • Craig Nixon MOOVETT 1975 Corvette
  • Tom Souza hot pursuit of this 1956 Roadster Corvette Racing
  • Tommy Milner Corvette Racing

Good Condition, normal wear from storage, age and handling.

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