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1963-1967 Corvette Headlamp Header USED Originals AO Smith/St Louis Lamp Mount

These original header bars may require repairs, see table below choice of St Louis or AO Smith and choice of years. They may also require re-tapping of holes, riveting fiber glass to make them functional again.  You are purchasing ONE bar.  Nowhere else but at Tracy Performance will you find the selection of originality as you will here, white, gray, and black glass, 67 only, 66 only, 63-64 white glass, AO Smith or St Louis metal.

  Year Glass Metal paint color Center Hole - Mid 66 & 67  (Y/N) Description pic date Pic number range
1 66 dark Green AOS Y Has usable nose glass, original clip and headlamp motor support screw& Grommet, one hole to be tapped 26-Jul 4023 - 4028
2 67 none Black St Louis y Metal only 67 hood emblem access hole locations, some threads require tapping 26-Jul 4030 - 4033
3 66 dark Green AOS y Excellent AOS Green bar survivor slight dent and some original clips most glass to metal rivets intact 26-Jul 4048 - 4057
4 66 dark Black St Louis y has two end plates, excellent condition requires tapping a few holes 26-Jul 4064 - 4070
5 66 gray Green AOS y requires most holes to be tapped, most rivets intact good AO Smith example 26-Jul 4071 - 4076
6 64-66 gray Black St Louis n Pre December 1966 bar in good overall condition 26-Jul 4096 - 4102
7 66 dark Green AOS y good condition AOS green, some threads require drill and retapping, most rivets intact 26-Jul 4114 - 4121
8 64-E66 gray Black St Louis n some nose glass on an otherwise clean St Louis Black paint Bar 26-Jul 4122 - 4127
9 66 gray Black St Louis y Aftermarket rivets, decent STL metal, some holes require tapping 26-Jul 4128 - 4132
10 66 dark Green AOS y Good condition green AOS header bar, some bolts require drill and tap 26-Jul 4133 - 4138
11 67 gray Black St Louis y NOS Service part complete 26-Jul 4155 - 4159
12 64 - E66 gray Black St Louis n good contition noted are the early wire harness clips without rubber protectant, one lamp attach area slightly dented, these can be repaired 26-Jul 4160 - 4167
13 66 E66 gray Black St Louis n good condition may require holes dripped and tapped 26-Jul 4172 - 4180

It goes under the hood surround panel in front of the hood and between the head lamps. This item can be picked up at our Corvette Parts and Service Center, Tracy Performance, 29069 Calahan Road, Roseville, Michigan 48066-1805, (just Northeast of Detroit), to save shipping costs.

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Vehicle Applications:
1967 Chevrolet Corvette  
1966 Chevrolet Corvette  
1965 Chevrolet Corvette  
1964 Chevrolet Corvette  
1963 Chevrolet Corvette  

Item #:12234
Corvette Series:C2 1963-1967
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Manufacturer:General Motors
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