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April 2007 Corvette Callaway Corvette C16 LS7 Grand SCCA Formula D 1958 Corvette

Corvette Series:C6 2005-2013
GM Group Number:24.000
Surface Finish:Paper
Manufactured In:United States
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$17.00 USD
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April 2007 Corvette Magazine #32

  • Callaway Driver with the latest in Deutschman looks and typical roadgoing brilliance, the C16 says there's tuners, and then there's Callaway
  • A Tale of Two Corvettes Fifty-eight Corvettes are an acquired taste. In fact this midwest native acquired it twice
  • LS-Seven Grand modern cars began outrunning classic musclecars over a decade ago, now one California builder is evening the score
  • Corvette Market Report: C2 all sting rays went up in value again this year. The real question is which ones will you still call a value
  • Round and Round George Stradlater looks at the physics, aesthetics, and motives behind five decades of onrolling wheel technology
  • Making the Baby Corvette even if you barely remember the Opel GT, that shape and its obvious Corvette connection keeps ringing a bell
  • Letting it Slide racing professionals used to laugh at the sport of American drifting, now a lot of them are fighting to win with Corvettes
  • Mid-Engined Mania these mid-engined Corvettes never would see production, but at least their prototypes scared GM's competitors silly
  • The Year in Sports: Corvette Style Corvettes racecars were busy in worldwide '06 competition. Prince takes a look back at how they fared
  • Pressed for Success sloppy trailing-arm joints can make C2/C3 owners wish for a nice, solid Ford nine-inch. Of course there's a better fix

Good Condition, normal wear from age, handling and storage.

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