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March 2007 Corvette 465-BHP Ragtop Corvette Indy Wixom Engine Assembly Secrets

Corvette Series:C6 2005-2013
GM Group Number:24.000
Surface Finish:Paperback
Manufactured In:United States
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March 2007 Corvette Magazine #31

  • Purifoy at Heart purists say that the Z06 is built with a fixed roof because a convertible top would dilute its performance. Oh, lighten up
  • Balancing Act Corvette brutality meets BMW complexity in a battle between flagships. Turns out there is more to it than just drag racing
  • Family Values Steve Purdy digs out the scrapbooks in the attic to uncover the history of a family-heirloom '66. Even Mom dug the sidepipes
  • Corvette Market Report: C1 don't look now, but first-generation Corvettes are on the move. George and Bob tell us which direction
  • Sound Reasoning upgrading your Corvette's onboard electronics can be more complicated than pumping up the motor. Here's the basics
  • The Tortoise and the Hare many cottage carmakers have relied on off-the-shelf Corvette horsepower. Gordon-Keeble was one of the first
  • The Skin of their Teeth saddled with extra weight and choked by smaller intakes, the C6Rs fought an uphill battle at the ALMS season finale
  • The Personal Touch Chevrolet's high-tech Wixom Engine Factory still employs plenty of real humans, and they give better interviews than robots
  • Thinking Away From the Box Jay's dad offers some thoughts on a radical concept, then he tells us to mow the lawn and wash the car
  • Going Over the Top we bolt on a bunch of hot-rod parts and see a decrease in horsepower on the dyno. It was bound to happen eventually

Good Condition, normal wear from storage, age and handling.

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